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Lucy and Rocky 2013

Agility Training Information

Agility training, puppy classes You may have always wanted to have a go at Dog Agility with your dog and Celfeeagility have the ideal way for you and your dog to get involved.

Our Foundation Agility courses are fun and combine obedience skills and basic agility for you and your dog to have the very best start in Agility.

At Celfee Agility classes start from Beginners all the way up to Competition level.

We use positive methods of training and the dogs learn with us through fun, reward and play. By simply rewarding and praising your dog when they are doing things right you will have as much fun as your dog does!

The Instructors are some of the most experienced in the country developing new and exciting methods of training.

It is key to Celfeeagility to keep up to date with training methods so the right method for you and your dog can be used.

The foundation courses for beginners run for six week aznd new courses start regularly.

Cost of Foundation course is £42

Please contact Jo for more information.

Personal one to one agility training.

There are one to one sessions available or those who prefer individual tuition. We can also offer a ‘one off’ try out to ensure you and your dog will enjoy Agility, although most dogs do! These taster sessions generally run for approx half hour and cost £25. They can be fitted in at a mutually convenient time.

For those dogs already doing Agility that would like to join us

We continually assess the performance of each dog / handler partnership, upgrading and renewing your agility skills,  giving you and your dog the very best coaching in Agility.

We offer one to one lessons to help sort out any problems and to improve each combination of dog and handler’s performance.

Please contact us if you would like to enrol/book for a course or a one to one.

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